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Event Design

Your event is like a hand crafted tapestry, each thread is woven with precise attention. We collaborate with you to understand your dream and translate it into a concept. We apply it in all aspects of the event from choosing the location, custom designing the invite all the way to themed favors. 


We assemble the best craftsmen to weave that tapestry and will procure the finest threads. From creating your themed invites to coordinating with vendors. We partner with our sister concern The Little Things in India to work with the best craftsman for your decorations, favors and other embelishments.


As the delicate tapestry unfolds to reveal the exquisite art all you have to do is to sit and admire. On the day of the event we will manage every aspect from start to finish. You only need to show up and enjoy the event as we translate your event into a memorable story... 

Partial Pacakges
Connecting the dots

You may have figured out your dream event but need some creative help in designing your invite, setting up centerpieces, buying the right return favor or putting up a backdrop for that photo shoot. Whatever the missing piece, we can help you connect the dots...

Bells & Whistles

"There's always time for a bow".

You would have spent hours putting together the trousseau or picking the perfect Holiday gifts for your loved ones. You can make it look like a piece of art instead of hiding it in a tissue and bag. We can help you add those bells & whistles... 

Special Occasions

Seventh anniversary is not a big milestone, yet you want to make it special for your partner. How do I create the perfect environment to propose? Organizing an intimate backyard party or making that all important pitch to a VC. We can help you add a zing to your smallest event.

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